Titanium vs Ceramic Flat Iron

Do you find that you’re just not getting the results that you want from your Flat iron? Do you need way too many passes to get your hair smooth are you finding that your hair is feeling really, really dry, really crispy, and it’s just not growing, and no matter what products you use, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get your hair in a healthy state all of these issues may be coming up because you are using the wrong flat iron plate for your hair.

Titanium vs Ceramic Flat Iron Which One is Better?

Titanium vs Ceramic Flat Iron
Titanium vs Ceramic Flat Iron

Today we will be talking about the different popular flat iron plates on the market, what type of hair benefits from the plate, and what differences these plates have in the result. we are going to go through each type of iron plate, and we’re going to talk about it in terms of a few features; those features are smoothing capability, durability, Heat, and hair type suitability; stay with me; this is all going to make sense

so let’s go through ceramic plates first, there are three types of standard ceramic plates a full ceramic, a ceramic coated plate, and a tourmaline plate.

Ceramic Plates:


The full ceramic plate was the first to enter the high-end straightener market. When it comes to smoothing capability, it’s fantastic because it has an even heat distribution without hot spots, so you get an excellent hot iron that smooths out the hair, and the iron is consistent throughout the entire barrel, which is always fantastic


In terms of durability, ceramic is a porous material, so although it can last you a long time, it’s not the most durable plate in terms of heat. Ceramic plates do hold heat well; they have an even heat distribution, and they don’t get hot spots; they do heat up quickly, but they don’t heat up as soon as some of the other materials.


we’re going to talk about finally hair type suitability; this is probably the most important thing you’re going to learn from this article ceramic plates are great for fine thin, and sensitive hair because there’s less potential for it actually to burn your hair it gets hot, but it doesn’t seem to get as hot and heat up as quickly as some of the other materials.

if you’re discovering that your hair is very dry and crisp and you’re not able to get any length you might actually be burning your hair repeatedly with an iron that is just too strong for your hair type if that’s the case and you’re not using a ceramic iron then I recommend switching over to that

Ceramic Coated Plate:

We have ceramic coated plates, so how that works is you have a metal, and you have a ceramic coating on that plate. They get hot quickly because of the metal that is underneath the ceramic coating.

Still, they don’t stay as desirable, and they don’t even have heat distribution, so this is good to know ceramic coated means that it’s a cheaper iron. These are the types of irons that you find on Amazon. I do a lot of reviews on these. They can be great for a short duration of time.

but they aren’t as high-quality, and they don’t hold the heat that you might need as well for as long at the time,

so you may find that you’re not only just not getting the results you want, and that’s because it is a lower grade item.

it’s not necessarily to say that you can’t have a ceramic coated plate that you might not love I have a lot of drug store level hot tools that I think are actually really great and they do work.

But if you’re comparing Hot Tools to like a Toyota and Porsche, you know the full ceramic would be like your Porsche, and then a ceramic coated would be like a Toyota if still, they don’t work well it’s always gonna be okay it might not last as long it might not have the bells and whistles and all of those additional features that may be the Porsche car would have then we have a term aligned

Tourmaline Plate:

tourmaline is the newest and heat styling technology tourmaline is a gemstone. it’s a crystalline mineral that’s crushed up and it’s used to coat the ceramic plate.

so this straightener is said to create an even smoother and glassy result and that’s because the crystalline mineral has a lot of negative ions so when it works with your hair creates like a glassy or smoother result.

It does have consistent heat and even heat distribution, but the only con about this is that it can be costly. It’s innovative new technology it’s kind of like the hot thing in the market right now, so these plates can be a little bit more expensive than traditional ceramic,

And I’m not 100% sure if you’re getting the benefit of that plate in terms of the hair’s authentic look. You know, is this worth the money when compared to just an original ceramic?

If you look at two pieces of hair side-by-side, one is straightening with a thermal line, one is straightened with an actual ceramic well you notice the difference enough to warrant the price now that’s a personal thing, and it’s up to you you have to experiment.


titanium is considered a forefront in straightener technology in terms of smoothing capability this has an incredible smoothing capability it really does leave hair looking very very straight very glossy and very very smooth


In terms of durability, it’s exceptionally durable. It is not porous; it’s not an absorbent material like ceramic,

so it does tend to last much longer and to also be just much more durable in general in terms of heat titanium heats up very, very fast, hold high heat very well, and it also has excellent heat distribution it’s better in those regards than an actual ceramic plate.


Suitability again, this is what is essential; this is an excellent iron for someone with very thick, super curly, very resistant hair that doesn’t straighten.

I have the baby less Pro nano titanium Optima 3000 iron, and I find that iron will smooth out anything my clients with highly thick, resistant puffy crazy curly hair.

I do one or two passes with that, and it is bone straight, so it is an excellent iron


if you are using a titanium iron and you don’t have highly thick you know complicated hair to work with, and you’re finding that your hair is just not growing,

then you’re getting crazy split ends every single time you go for a cut your split ends are so big you know it really could be because that straightener is just too intense for your hair type it’s just creating so much more damage than any benefit at all.

Finally, let’s mention the metal straighteners there are many of these out in the market anymore but you could find them for very very very cheap.

I caution you to stay away from these irons ultimately they have uneven heat distribution they get hot spots they can kind of spike up real quick they can break easily.

But the worst thing about them is that they can cause a tremendous amount of damage and that’s damage that cannot be reversed once you scorch your hair and that’s it.

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